Framework de Monitorización para Redes Definidas por Software

Lorena Barona, Jesús Puente, Ángel Valdivieso, Luis García


Abstract—Software Defined Network (SDN) is a novel network paradigm that removes the rigidity of current architectures and improves the flexibility and management by means the separation of data plane and the control plane. The control is in charge of external software that allows a whole view of the network state. This characteristic has acquired significant relevance, if we consider the exponential growth in multimedia content over the network. Multimedia users require sophisticated services and enhanced capabilities such as greater speed, flexibility and Quality of Service (QoS). In this paper, we analyze the advantages of SDN in multimedia environments. Furthermore, we propose a routing algorithm to improve the QoS of vídeo streaming using OpenFlow and the Floodlight controller. The results of the experiments show the e↵ectiveness of the algorithm.

Index Terms—Algorithm, Floodlight, Multimedia, OpenFlow, QoS, Quality of Service, SDN, Software-Defined Network, Video Streaming.

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